Thursday, August 10, 2017

Update 8-10-17

6 active hives, 1 nominal and one trap out that probably will not workout this year.
Harvested 90lbs, extracted all. Still have some frames from last year yet to extract but will get to those on a slow day. LOL, not. Anyway, winding down and will need to harvest soon again. Will be a busy Sept , so not crossing my fingers, however will need to treat for mites soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

6-24-17 Never ceases to amaze me.

Check all hives to today except gnarly at orchard. However they seem active and well. The swarm I caught on June 10th has a decent amount of brood already. So happy about that. More though! The hive that over wintered and I added a swarm to and then a queen finally has brood! It had been literally several months without a queen. I was keeping bees in it my supplementing brood from a nearby hive. I didn't really see eggs but saw many different stages of brood. So happy about that. Noticed a few mites on brood of gardens hive, from original swarm from yard.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

4-23-17 Visit

Added honey supers to two hives. One at vineyard and Sparrow's Nest. Swarm hive from yard was moved to SN and queen is laying well! Other hive there seems well and that was where I added on honey super. 72 degrees and very breezy.
Vineyard had yard split. Bees seem well, however did not see any queen cells, maybe one small one. Ferrel hive doing well. Took eggs and added to split. Also took eggs/brood and added to last years Italians that seemed queen less.
Came home and checked yard hive. Still not happy to see me, but they seem like they wanted queen out of cage. Took cork out and they had already eaten much much of the sugar block within cage. I'm sure she was out within the hour after. Crossing my fingers that she will do well and calm that hive down. Busy 90 minutes.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April Update

Much has happened this month. At the beginning of the month I had four hives left out of nine. The yard hive blew up with numbers and I knew I had to split.
To the day and the hour that I was going to split the hive this last Saturday they began to swarm. Very long story but to make it short I was able to capture them in a vacant hive in my own yard after they had been in our Pondarosa pine for several hours.
I did another split on that hive and the original hive still has a tremendous amount of numbers. I destroyed all the queen cells and introduced a queen box which while I will allow to accommodate with each other. Hopefully there won't be any trouble. This morning I moved that split and the swarm hive to two other locations in my other bee yards. It was 50° this morning so I lucked out and was able to move them both by myself. While destroying the queen cells in the original hive I maxed out my clothing and suit so as not to be stung by 10,000 bees. I feel it worked out pretty well considering I only got one sting on my neck below my chin. It was the first time I genuinely smelled the sting pheromone which smells like banana.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2-18-17 Visit

Visited orchard hive left, dead! Ugh, so frustrating. So both installs at Orchard died. Stopped by John's & Jayna's and both those hives seem busy. However the West hive may be just getting robbed, making it look like there were active. There were dead bees at top between frames but busy down below. Guess I'll have to see. I may check mid-week since it will be 70's for the next few days. Ive seen major budding on most trees! Could be a problem if we have a hard freeze. I did see North Hive bringing in pollen!

Friday, February 17, 2017

2-17-17 Visit to yard hive

Checked several frames. Not much honey left but lots of bees. Fed granulate sugar and solidified honey. They were slightly testy but not to burdensome.

Lots of dead bees at entrance. They are doing a good job at care taking.

Seemed all frames were this full.

Only checked several frames.